Student Profile- Emmy Reynolds

Emmy Reynolds, born in Atlanta, but not raised, has lived in many different countries throughout her life. From Atlanta to Texas, Texas to Turkey, Turkey to Japan, and finally Japan back to Atlanta she has experienced many different cultures and societies. Emmy has moved from many different places because her dad works for The Coca- Cola Company. Emmy has brown hair and blue eyes and is 15 years old.

Emmy was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and went to the Day school until she was 4 ½. As a young child she had to move from Atlanta to Plano, Texas. At first she hated it but towards the end she started to like it, but she would never want to go back there because it is very suburban and boring.  When she first moved to Texas she was so mad that she didn’t eat if her mom gave her the food. She would take food from anyone else but her mom. She said her mom always wanted her at a friend’s house so that she would eat. Emmy also told her mom that she was ruining her life. She attended two different schools while living in Texas. The first was The Grace School, which was a smaller Christian school, and she also went to Brinker Elementary that was the local public school. She lived in Plano until she was about 7 years old. Emmy hated the idea of moving because she had friends here and didn’t want to leave them.

At the age of 7 she was told that they were going to move to Istanbul, Turkey. She attended an International school where many kids like her attended school. This school was called Istanbul International Community School. When she moved to Turkey she started riding horses for fun. They also ought a dog while living in Turkey, but bough it in Czechoslovakia. While they lived in Turkey they did a lot of traveling. They went skiing in Austria and went to the beaches in Turkey. She liked living in Turkey because it was something different. During the summers she attended Pony Camp in England because she has family living in England and Ireland.

At age 11 Emmy moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Japan. In Japan she attended the American School in Japan. This school was also for kids like Emmy who aren’t from Japan. They also went skiing a lot when she lived in Japan and went to the beaches in Egypt.

Emmy’s most recent move was from Japan back to Atlanta, Georgia, her hometown. When she moved she was 13 years old and would be starting 8th grade at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. At first she hated it because most people at HIES have gone here since they were very little, therefore everyone knows everyone’s name and a lot about them. For Emmy this was completely different than she was used to because in Turkey and Japan she went to International Schools where people come and go all the time. It was hard for her to make friends because everyone is used to their friends that they have had for a really long time. Emmy still attends HIES and enjoys it a lot more than she did at first.

Emmy enjoyed moving when she was younger because she liked experiencing different societies and types of people. She gets bored of just one place so as often as she moved she liked it. Emmy has gone back to visit Plano, Texas but not Istanbul or Japan.


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