Movie Review

“Pitch Perfect” or “Pitch Beyond Perfect”

 The movie “Pitch Perfect” is by far one of the most amusing movies ever. There constant singing and dancing will make you want to be on stage with them and you will leave singing in your head! There songs are catchy mix-ups of today’s well- known songs that you can purchase on iTunes!

“Pitch Perfect” is a Comedy, Musical and Love Story. Becca (Anna Kendrick) falls in love with Jesse (Skylar Astin) when she sees him for a brief second in a car, but then we found out that they actually work together on campus.

Although this movie may seem like the High School Musical series, it doesn’t even come close to comparing. The a cappella singing group, “The Bellas” used to be considered the prettiest girls on campus that could sing, but they changed it to a variety of girls that can sing and dance. I like how they prove that looks and popularity don’t matter.

One of the main characters “Fat Amy” or Rebel Wilson is sure to make you laugh throughout the movie. I think she was a major component for maing this movie so outstanding. The main character “Beca”, becomes the leader of  “The Bellas” because she strived for them to be the best in the nation.

Just like every movie, “Pitch Perfect” has girls that are considered the “popular” girls that aren’t well liked. “Aubrey” and “Chloe” are the snotty girls in this movie. They used to be the leaders of “The Bellas” but Chloe realizes that Beca could get them many trophies.

However, “Pitch Perfect” does have some revolting and offensive flaws. From people “blowing chunks” to “Orthodox Jew hairstyles” you may be disgusted and insulted.

At the beginning of the movie most of the girls aren’t so fantastic at singing, which made me question why the movie is called “Pitch Perfect”, but after many practices they do become perfect.

If the script and characters weren’t as fantastic as they were, I wouldn’t have paid to see the movie 12 times.




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