Multimedia Package

The story I chose for this Multimedia Package was:

What is the focus of the story?

  • The focus of this story was to make people aware of the infant death rate in Milwaukee.

What story forms were used to tell the story?

  • The story forms that were used to tell this story were pictures and words.

What was the focus of each story form and how did each contribute to the overall goals of the piece?

  • The focus of the pictures were to give people an idea about what their houses look like and what the general idea was of the story. The focus of the words, or written section, was to tell the story and provide information about Milwaukee and the families

Was the presentation effective? Why or why not?

  • Yes the presentation was effective because it made me realize how lucky the US is that our infant death rate isn’t as low as most countries around the world.

Was the design and navigational structure easy to follow? Confusing?

  • The design was very straight forward and easy to follow.

Was the package engaging? Why or why not?

  • Yes the package was engaging because it starts off with a picture of a mom holding a baby and it kept on giving more information about infant death rates around the world.

What were the strengths of the package?

  • The strengths of this package were the information it included to back up Milwaukee having the highest infant death rate in the world.

What were the weaknesses of the package?

  • I think this package could have used more pictures to give people a visual image of what was happening.

Did the piece leave you satisfied? Confused? Wanting more?

  • This piece left me sad because I realized how fortunate we are that our infant death rate isnt nearly as low as most of the world’s.

What is one significant concept you learned from this package?

  • A significant concept that I learned from this would be the US infant death rate numn

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