Student Profile- Emmy Reynolds

Emmy Reynolds, born in Atlanta, but not raised, has lived in many different countries throughout her life. From Atlanta to Texas, Texas to Turkey, Turkey to Japan, and finally Japan back to Atlanta she has experienced many different cultures and societies. Emmy has moved from many different places because her dad works for The Coca- Cola Company. Emmy has brown hair and blue eyes and is 15 years old.

Emmy was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and went to the Day school until she was 4 ½. As a young child she had to move from Atlanta to Plano, Texas. At first she hated it but towards the end she started to like it, but she would never want to go back there because it is very suburban and boring.  When she first moved to Texas she was so mad that she didn’t eat if her mom gave her the food. She would take food from anyone else but her mom. She said her mom always wanted her at a friend’s house so that she would eat. Emmy also told her mom that she was ruining her life. She attended two different schools while living in Texas. The first was The Grace School, which was a smaller Christian school, and she also went to Brinker Elementary that was the local public school. She lived in Plano until she was about 7 years old. Emmy hated the idea of moving because she had friends here and didn’t want to leave them.

At the age of 7 she was told that they were going to move to Istanbul, Turkey. She attended an International school where many kids like her attended school. This school was called Istanbul International Community School. When she moved to Turkey she started riding horses for fun. They also ought a dog while living in Turkey, but bough it in Czechoslovakia. While they lived in Turkey they did a lot of traveling. They went skiing in Austria and went to the beaches in Turkey. She liked living in Turkey because it was something different. During the summers she attended Pony Camp in England because she has family living in England and Ireland.

At age 11 Emmy moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Japan. In Japan she attended the American School in Japan. This school was also for kids like Emmy who aren’t from Japan. They also went skiing a lot when she lived in Japan and went to the beaches in Egypt.

Emmy’s most recent move was from Japan back to Atlanta, Georgia, her hometown. When she moved she was 13 years old and would be starting 8th grade at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. At first she hated it because most people at HIES have gone here since they were very little, therefore everyone knows everyone’s name and a lot about them. For Emmy this was completely different than she was used to because in Turkey and Japan she went to International Schools where people come and go all the time. It was hard for her to make friends because everyone is used to their friends that they have had for a really long time. Emmy still attends HIES and enjoys it a lot more than she did at first.

Emmy enjoyed moving when she was younger because she liked experiencing different societies and types of people. She gets bored of just one place so as often as she moved she liked it. Emmy has gone back to visit Plano, Texas but not Istanbul or Japan.


Story Ideas- Exams


As exams are less than a month away, it would be smart to start preparing now! Even if preparing means creating a binder with study guides and old tests/ quizzes, you should start making that now! Over Thanksgiving is a good time to prepare your binder so when you get back you can start studying! I interviewed a few students and teachers to see what their input was on preparing for exams.

I interviewed Mrs. Townsend, an Extended Learning Program teacher and Emmy Reynolds, a student at HIES about their thoughts on how they think students should prepare and study for exams. When I asked them when they think it would be a good idea to start preparing for exams Mrs. Townsend said, “Thanksgiving Break is a good time to start gathering all your materials together. You absolutely can’t leave it until last minute.” Emmy said, “Studying 3 weeks prior to the exam is a good time to start studying.” I agree with both of them because it is more sufficient to study weeks in advance before the exam rather than for the first time the night before. It will help you learn and remember old material better than cramming.

When I asked them how they think students should prepare for exams Mrs. Townsend said, “The way your brain works it is better to study 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks rather than 8 hours a day for 2 days straight.” As we know some people (including ourselves) tend to cram the night before a test or quiz. Sometimes it works and you do pretty well on it, but it doesn’t help you in the long run. You forget the information faster than you would if you had studied a little bit everyday for a week or two. Mrs. Townsend also said, “Educational and Brain research shows that you will see better results if you do a little bit at a time over a long period of time.” When asked how to prepare Emmy said, “ Collecting all your notes and reviewing old tests will help you learn and understand old material that is gray from the past.”

It is proven that what you eat and how much you sleep will affect your test results significantly. Mrs. Townsend said, “During exams and studying for them students should be eating healthy. Including fruits and vegetables. Students tend to rely on candy and caffeine to keep they up and studying but it doesn’t help because you crash.” Emmy said “healthy foods and eating all 3 meals” is the best during exams. I agree with this too because you also feel better when eating healthier too. Also exercising and staying active helps you relieve stress and is a great way to get a break from studying.

As you start to prepare for exams in the next 2 weeks, be sure to keep these helpful tips on how to improve your scores in your mind! Good luck!


Analyzing Graphics Post

Instructional Graphics:

This instructional graphic is giving instructions on how to tie a tie. It is an info graph with no videos, just pictures of steps to tie a tie. It is very easy to navigate because it is just one picture with 6 steps. There is no clicking on anything or watching a video, it’s all in one picture. For someone who doesn’t know how to tie a tie, it would be a little confusing to follow because you can’t really tell which piece is which.

Narrative Simulation:

This simulation explains that Google and many other devices track everything you do on the Internet or on your phone. You can’t do anything without someone or something tracking you. It is very easy to understand because it is a video. You just have to watch the video and pay attention to it. This simulation is very easy to understand because of it just being a video, If you don’t know what some of the words mean it may be a little confusing.

Data Visualization:

This Piktochart, or Data Visualization, shows us that idling your car is a total waste of money and gas compared to just turning it off. It is very easy to navigate because it is a picture of just enough information and facts to back up their story. If you have an 8-cylinder engine size, every 16 minutes you idle your car, you could save around $230. When you are just sitting in your car it is better to just turn your car off and restart it when ready, rather thank idling it and keeping it running while sitting there. I liked the overall visual story of this pictograph because it was very entertaining and amusing to see how much money and gas people waste by idling their car.



Volleyball Championship game:

The Holy Innocents’ Golden Bears Varsity Volleyball Team became the State Champions Saturday, November 2 at Marietta High School.

Winning Football Game:

The Holy Innocents’ Golden Bears Varsity Football Team won against Landmark Christian Friday, November 1 at Riverwood High School which allows them to be in the state playoffs.

Bicyclist Hit, and killed:

At night a bicyclist with at least one light, was  hit and killed yesterday in Marietta.


This American Life: How I Got Into College Response

In this interview the interviewer asked many students why they think they got into their college. Some people know why they got in, but many don’t. Some said they had good essays, came from a diverse background, or wanted to major in something that many people like them normally don’t. Others said they have no idea how they got in and still have no idea. The interviewer asked many questions about what parents tend to do when they act like their kids. He said some parents use words that seem like kids would use, but they don’t. They had to research and read many students applications for research for this interview. This makes me think about what parents would act like their kids and what they would do. This interview was very interesting and I learned a few things not to do when applying to college.


Movie Review

“Pitch Perfect” or “Pitch Beyond Perfect”

 The movie “Pitch Perfect” is by far one of the most amusing movies ever. There constant singing and dancing will make you want to be on stage with them and you will leave singing in your head! There songs are catchy mix-ups of today’s well- known songs that you can purchase on iTunes!

“Pitch Perfect” is a Comedy, Musical and Love Story. Becca (Anna Kendrick) falls in love with Jesse (Skylar Astin) when she sees him for a brief second in a car, but then we found out that they actually work together on campus.

Although this movie may seem like the High School Musical series, it doesn’t even come close to comparing. The a cappella singing group, “The Bellas” used to be considered the prettiest girls on campus that could sing, but they changed it to a variety of girls that can sing and dance. I like how they prove that looks and popularity don’t matter.

One of the main characters “Fat Amy” or Rebel Wilson is sure to make you laugh throughout the movie. I think she was a major component for maing this movie so outstanding. The main character “Beca”, becomes the leader of  “The Bellas” because she strived for them to be the best in the nation.

Just like every movie, “Pitch Perfect” has girls that are considered the “popular” girls that aren’t well liked. “Aubrey” and “Chloe” are the snotty girls in this movie. They used to be the leaders of “The Bellas” but Chloe realizes that Beca could get them many trophies.

However, “Pitch Perfect” does have some revolting and offensive flaws. From people “blowing chunks” to “Orthodox Jew hairstyles” you may be disgusted and insulted.

At the beginning of the movie most of the girls aren’t so fantastic at singing, which made me question why the movie is called “Pitch Perfect”, but after many practices they do become perfect.

If the script and characters weren’t as fantastic as they were, I wouldn’t have paid to see the movie 12 times.





Volleyball in Numbers


My Response to This American Life Episode 506

The Journalist/ Interviewer and the Interviewee seemed to have a close relationship, like they had known each other for a while. When Navey puts on her Tiger mascot costume she becomes a different, more confident person. She thinks that when she puts the costume on no one will judge her or be able to see her face. The theme did change did change throughout the interview. They asked her about how it is to feel differently about herself when she puts the costume on, and talked to her about how she can do different things with it on. I would consider this a successful interview because we found out about her life during school without the costume and the background of her love of mascots and animals.


INclass- Indesign



Multimedia Package

The story I chose for this Multimedia Package was:

What is the focus of the story?

  • The focus of this story was to make people aware of the infant death rate in Milwaukee.

What story forms were used to tell the story?

  • The story forms that were used to tell this story were pictures and words.

What was the focus of each story form and how did each contribute to the overall goals of the piece?

  • The focus of the pictures were to give people an idea about what their houses look like and what the general idea was of the story. The focus of the words, or written section, was to tell the story and provide information about Milwaukee and the families

Was the presentation effective? Why or why not?

  • Yes the presentation was effective because it made me realize how lucky the US is that our infant death rate isn’t as low as most countries around the world.

Was the design and navigational structure easy to follow? Confusing?

  • The design was very straight forward and easy to follow.

Was the package engaging? Why or why not?

  • Yes the package was engaging because it starts off with a picture of a mom holding a baby and it kept on giving more information about infant death rates around the world.

What were the strengths of the package?

  • The strengths of this package were the information it included to back up Milwaukee having the highest infant death rate in the world.

What were the weaknesses of the package?

  • I think this package could have used more pictures to give people a visual image of what was happening.

Did the piece leave you satisfied? Confused? Wanting more?

  • This piece left me sad because I realized how fortunate we are that our infant death rate isnt nearly as low as most of the world’s.

What is one significant concept you learned from this package?

  • A significant concept that I learned from this would be the US infant death rate numn